I am bound through a covenant to serve the LORD and You for a lifetime!

About Me

My Story as a Servant

My name is Mrs. Pamela (Robinson) Smith. I am a woman of GOD, who enthusiastically wears many "hats." I am an educator/evangelist, an artist/designer, a life coach (career/spiritual), a Primerica Representative, a wife, and a mother. I graduated with ​a B.A. degree (Kean University) in Fine Arts; earned a M.A. degree (University of Phoenix) in Adult Education; and received certification from Princeton Theological Seminary for Theology and Ministry. I founded UTOPIA, a life-consulting organization, to offer life experience, professional expertise, and diverse services that help our communities live prosperous and blessed lives.

I minister regularly at the First Presbyterian Church (Elizabeth NJ) and at Macedonia Baptist Church (Newark NJ). Since 2014, my husband and I felt compelled to work with groups, non-profit organizations, and other business owners, to help renew their livelihood through It's ReNEWed. As a result of life-altering events in 2017, we created our ecumenical, Christian fellowship called REIGNbow ReNEWed. The LORD blessed our team, ​to uncover HIS beautiful grace and mercy. The goal of my ministry and our fellowship is to uplift you with the creativity, passion, and experiences of the LORD.

My Philosophy

In life, we try our way and get a little success. Why not try GOD's way get abundance, freedom, and grace? The answers to life's questions start with Scripture, so I'm excited to make the WORD easier to understand and apply to your life. My vision is to illuminate the LORD's work.

My Committment

As an evangelist, it's my honor to share a ministry anointed by GOD. He blessed me with many lessons, skills, and talents gained from experiences at home, church, school, and work. I give YOU my commitment, to serve, share, and teach you through creativity, discipleship, and education.


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Ministry of Pam'ela: HIS Apprentice

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